Jacobs Glass Studio is currently under development and will open soon in New Castle PA. Check back this fall for updates!

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Reid Jacobs is an American artist who works primarily out of glass. For over ten years, Jacobs has worked to master the craft of blowing glass to express his ideas of design and function through the medium.

Jacobs was introduced to glass at an early age through his stepfather’s job in a “Float Glass” factory in Meadville, PA and continued his education in glass at The Cleveland Institute of Art where he received his BFA in 2016. Jacobs then completed his apprenticeship at the Pittsburgh Glass Center where he learned, not only to become a better glass worker, but how to maintain a studio at a high level. In 2020 Jacobs focused on opening his own studio where he designs, builds, and runs the glass studio. With his knowledge of the material and studio functionality, JGS aims to be a state-of-the-art glass studio which creates any glass work imaginable.

Jacobs has worked with glass artists such as Kenny Pieper, Rob Levin, Dante Marioni, and dozens of other artists from across the country. His works are exhibited in countless collections across the US including: The Cleveland Museum of Art and S.O.F.A Chicago, Ferrari Gallery, and several other galleries and private collections.